Q1. How much will it cost to get my security license from Albany?
Ans. $136. This price includes your electronic finger prints.

Q2. Can I apply for my security license before I get my security training certification?
Ans. No you can't. The legal process will not allow this procedure.

Q3. After I apply, how long before I get my security guard license?
Ans. Depends on the work load in Albany.

Q4. Why are your packages so reasonably priced?
Ans. It's a fair price for the economy that we are presently in and for unemployed individuals.

Q5. How can I verify that you and your school are legit?
Ans. Call us at 516 444 9686 and ask for our school code, name of company and instructor(s) name. We will also give you the number for Albany so you can verify everything.

Q6. Can your company guarantee me a security job like some other schools do?
Ans. No we can't. It's insane to believe that one can be hired over the phone. We guarantee interviews. Getting the job is up to you and how you present yourself. Instructors are well linked to security companies.

Q7. How much will I have to pay to take the training classes the second time around, if I failed the first time?
Ans. That question is for another school. We will not charge you the second time around, because there will not be a second time around. It may please you to know, that after several years in the security industry, we are yet to experience such a dreadful event. No one has ever failed any of our exams. Our instructors are highly trained with years of experience and our classes are highly interactive.

Q8. What is the starting salary for a security guard?
Ans. There is no starting salary. Your salary will be based on your location. Each location / client will pay your security company based on a contract. You will also be paid based on that contract. Some clients pay extremely well and some don't.

Q9. Are the prices quoted a down payment or the final price?
Ans. It's the final price. Quoted price is all you pay. Nothing more.

Q10. I have friends with the required training and license but cannot find a job. Why?
Ans. One or more of the following reasons will be responsible for this:
(A) laziness. (B) waiting for a "good" paying job. (C) waiting for a job close to home. (D) not willing to work certain schedules. (E) not willing to work at certain sites. (F) not able to work weekends. (G) going to interviews not properly dressed or reaching late. (H) many other reasons.

Q11. I am willing to pay you to find me a job. I can pay up to $400. What will it cost?
Ans. You can pay the $400 to another school and prepare yourself to be very frustrated,unemployed and broke. Job guarantee over the phone to 50 people on a daily basis is not something we at S.A.N.Y. will promote. It's not possible to find jobs for hundreds of people on a weekly basis. We can help you with interviews, the rest is up to you.

Q12. Is the fire guard license needed to become a security officer or to get a higher salary.
Ans. No, that's not totally true. However, as an employer myself...I highly recommend everyone get a fire guard license. I will explain why and where during your training.